Hertzer Tec Jot

Take notes with ease of use, and no clutter.

Jot stuff down with ease of use and no clutter.

Jot is a simple and creative program for taking down notes. Have you ever wanted to just write one little note down while using your computer. Now it is so easy to do so. Microsoft Word takes time to load up, and it has a too bulky interface for running in windowed mode. Jot does away with toolbars, tabs, status bars, and even the menu bar. The program is just a simple window with a text box inside of it. Except there is one way to get a great set of easy to use features. Just right click anywhere! The right click menu contains clipboard functions, simple formatting, saving, text to speech, and other features that makes Jot a great note taking program.

There are two view modes, a windowed, and full screen mode. The windowed mode is perfect for placing on tight spaces on your desktop while you have other windows open. Perfect for taking notes. The full screen mode is perfect for completely clutter-free writing. No distractions. Just the entire screen filled up with a text box. You can also change the font color, and page color to make viewing easier.

Jot is designed for students, so they can take down class notes, assignments, or reminders. It can be used by developers to copy in, and store code temporarily. Businesses and home users can fit the window in tiny corners of the desktop.

Hertzer Tec Jot is one of a kind in terms of the way it works, but it excels in an un-cluttered interface compared to other word processing programs. What sort of place would you like to work in, a table with hundreds of scary looking, unfamiliar tools around you. Or one with simple tools that you are familiar with, and neatly out of sight so they do not get in your way.

Hertzer Tec Jot


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